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Inspired by the idea of creating a documentary style commercial. I want to show the connection between the Zugo Bike and the character riding the E bike. The unique design of Zugo makes a perfect fit for any landscape. Taking advantage of Miami Urban looks and West Palm Beach location we can create a great balance theme between Beach and City Urban scenery.  

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 11.38.17 AM.png

Keeping a cinematic style. We will be showing the bike core feature. Long Range, Suspension, Lighting, Stay safe with High Hydraulic Brakes, etc

Jupiter Florida have amazing beaches to show one of the many ways you can have fun with the Zugo Bikes. Great opportunity to film a couple driving a bike on the beach

16 9-28.jpg

Flying through Miami traffic it is a definite show.

We are passionate about our commercial work and we have an amazing team ready to create an awesome video that connect your audience and spark Zugo Bike awareness. Let us know your feedback on this idea. 

Pricing depends on how far you want to take the commercial. The Ideal budget for a professional production is $4,500 for a 1 Min commercial. This $4,500 includes: 1 Story, Drone shoots, Lighting, Script, 2 Models, 2 location, Sound Engineer, Professional editing and on set team.  For longer video 3 to 5 min 2 stories. The ideal budget is $8,500. Looking forward to hearing from you. Below samples of the video commercial style. 

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