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Cayla Birk

Thank you for the invaluable opportunity to delve into your world and represent a piece of your artistic journey in our recent short documentary. It has truly been an enriching and inspiring experience for all of us at Life Motion Films.

From the very beginning, your openness and trust in us set a warm and collaborative tone, allowing us to craft a piece that  reflected your immense talent as an artist and also captured your unique, human essence. Your contribution to the world of art is profound, and we were privileged to shed light on your work.

As we present the final product to you, we are filled with anticipation and a sense of fulfillment. We hope that you will see in this short film a truthful representation of a part of your journey, artistry, and the beautiful imprint you have left.

Wishing you continued inspiration and success in your artistic endeavours. Please do not hesitate to let us know your thoughts on the final product and if you would like to add or make any chances.

Thank you once again, Cayla, for letting Jessica and myself Edgard share a part of your story with the world.

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